Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Building Healthy Economies


Chapter Seven Questions: Here are some things to ponder. You don't have to answer them all, but answer the ones you care about most or add in your own sentiments.


“Study and examine all but choose and follow the good.”
-Ras Tafari


  1. Were you surprised by any of the statistics on stress and depression?
  2. Do you agree with the “possible causes” of stress, depression, and obesity put forward by this chapter?
  3. What is the role of exercise for you?
  4. Have you ever had any problems with stress or depression?
  5. What did you think about table 8.1?
  6. What is your take on the summer facilities model?
  7. Before reading this article, what did you know about declining testosterone levels? What information was new? 
  8. Which of the ideas on “building community” can best fight stress and depression?
  9. Do you think a time bank could help you in your life?
  10. How large of an impact do you think time banks can have on the stress and depression of elderly, isolated people?  

Tell us how you feel about these thoughts. There were several questions within the chapter too. If you feel compelled to answer any of them instead of the ten above, do so. Share all of them with your friends and family and get your community involved in the solutions to our world.

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