The Book

If there has ever been a time when America needs innovative ideas, enthusiasm for change, and hope for the future, that time is now...

Ideas for America is a  'Guidebook' to restoring peace and quality of life in our time of need. Themes include Education, building local economies, securing Social Security, tactics to assist the poor and struggling, winning the green revolution on college campuses and building health for young and old. All of the diverse themes are fully integrated and reinforced by each other, forming a complete blueprint to how to restore quality of life to a suffering people.

In his comprehensive guidebook, "Ideas for America," educator Matthew Fraser shares core principles as well as a fresh perspective on how America can transform its old methodologies, approaches, and thought processes into an innovative society focused on progress, reconciliation, and peace.

Fraser, a seasoned language teacher, relies on fifteen years of extensive research in order to present a diverse examination of our education system, health and wellness, community development, federal spending, and environmental progress. In his proposed solutions to the current American situation, Fraser shares such diverse ideas as:
  •  encouraging greater utilization of vocational programs in high school education
  • introducing timebanking as a powerful tool for promoting business and community
  • exploring co-ownership as a new way to afford housing
  • promoting the study of health and wellness programs at universities
  • using our colleges to help transition our country to a healthier, greener economy
Through revolutionary thinking methods, Matthew Fraser offers real solutions to real problems in America while encouraging others to replace complacency with their own creative answers. Now in his blog he asks you to join the conversation so we can make a real impact together.